UFO in near miss with Airbus A320 … 34,000 ft above Heathrow Airport

Reported in UK mainstream media here:


Link to official air safety Airprox report: http://www.airproxboard.org.uk/docs/423/20131127-2013.11Reports.pdf

And also covered by Dr David Clarke in his excellent blog:


The object was apparently metallic, with a disc/rugby-ball cross-section. No indication of the apparent size.

Multiple UFO videos, Denver, USA

A flurry of UFO activity has been recorded recently in Denver, Colorado, including professional footage by Denver TV station KDVR.

Analysis by multiple professionals has so far yielded no conventional explanations – these are currently genuine UFOs.

CNN picked up the story here:


And KDVR station themselves have followed the case with multiple reports in November 2012 – this is just one of them:


A Slate blogger, a “skeptic and astronomer”, breezily declared the objects to be insects at this page: http://www.slate.com/blogs/bad_astronomy/2012/11/28/ufos_over_denver_are_insects.html

This is the comment I left on his article, which he will probably delete:

@ Phil Plait – Well done for following up the piece with KDVR and the entomologist, but I think your skeptical analysis is flawed.
Firstly, you discount the aviation expert as he declares that the objects are not insects – in other words, you take his assumption that these are distant objects to be false. We don’t have an explicit explanation of why he believes them to be distant, non-insect objects, so let’s assume he’s wrong and you’re right, so far.
Next, you discount the opinion of the entomologist, as she also declares that the objects are not insects. Your reasons for discounting her opinion are that she a) “only saw a few clips” and b) “was told that the objects were far away”.
As for a) – the few clips are all the evidence we have, but between them they show enough consecutive frames of aerial objects to attempt an informed analysis.
But it’s your argument involving b) that really sounds incredibly specious! And it’s surprising to hear such a weak argument from somebody who classes himself an “astronomer” and therefore a scientist. You are basically suggesting that this entomologist was asked to look at the footage and attempt identification of the objects as insects, but that because she was told that the objects were “distant”, she therefore got confused and tried to imagine them as – what? – gigantic insects seen at a distance?
The point is that the very fact that she was called to identify them as insects means that she had to assume that they WERE in fact at close range – otherwise they would not be visible, because they are insects and therefore SMALL.
Or are you suggesting that despite her professional qualifications, that she couldn’t resolve this simple conundrum herself? Would it take an astronomer to work that one out, do you think?

The fact is, there are plenty of frames of video showing objects in the air, with a reasonable definition of outline, and depiction of movement. An insect expert examined the key pieces in question. If the objects could have been interpreted as insects, it is reasonable to assume that she would have offered such an opinion.

I find your position as a “skeptic and astronomer” to be less informed but more biased than that of the experts consulted in the report – largely due to the speciousness of your argument.

Royal Society – Detection of Extra Terrestrial Life

Although this is not directly related to any discussion of UFOs, this high-level scientific meeting covers some very interesting material, albeit of only tangential relevance to this site.

The subject is introduced by this article: Extra-terrestrial life – Science sees further (Royal Society)

Each link includes PDFs of articles, and audio of the talks given.

royalsociety.org Jan 2010: The detection of extra-terrestrial life and the consequences for science and society

This meeting took place in January 2010 and includes contributions like:

  • “Predicting what extra-terrestrials will be like: and preparing for the worst”, Simon Conway Morris
    phil. trans. r. soc. a. 2011 369 555-571 doi:10.1098/rsta.2010.0276(published 10 January 2011)
    Lecture Audio:
  • “Extra-terrestrial life in the European Space Agency’s Cosmic Vision plan and beyond”, Malcolm Fridlund
    phil. trans. r. soc. a. 2011 369 582-593 doi:10.1098/rsta.2010.0233(published 10 January 2011)
    Lecture Audio: 


Then in October 2010, another meeting was held:

royalsociety.org Oct 2010: Towards a scientific and societal agenda on extra-terrestrial life

Contents include:

  • “Extra-terrestrial Life and the Future of Humanity”
    Steven J. Dick, former NASA Chief Historian
    AUDIO of Lecture: 
  • “Societal questions raised by the detection of extra-terrestrial life”
    Great panel debate, moderator: Steven Dick, former NASA Chief Historian
    AUDIO of Debate:


Here is an interesting quote from Martin Dominik and John C. Zarnecki :

So if there are alien civilizations at a comparable stage of evolution, one might expect that they do not differ that much from our own (cf. [27]). However, with the Sun just about half-way through its lifetime as a main-sequence star, with about 4.5 billion years remaining, that ‘comparable stage’ might constitute a rather short transient episode, and advanced extra-terrestrial life might be inconceivable to us in its complexity, just as human life is to amoebae.

Regional British newspaper launches local UFO sightings database

In a cheeky move, presumably to try and pre-empt the upcoming structuredcraft.com global sightings database, the Grimsby Telegraph in northern Lincolnshire has made this impressive little resource available:


It only has a few sightings, but is presented well, with some good local information.

Audio testimony from British Airways pilot

This is an account of a close encounter which took place in July 1976, involving a British Airways flight from South Africa to Portugal.
The pilot and flight crew were alerted to the unknown objects by air traffic control, which they then confirmed both visually and by radar, as did another plane in the area. Many passengers witnessed the objects as well.

I found his discussion of whether or not to publicise this sighting very interesting.


NUFORC has a page on this report: http://www.nuforc.org/webreports/061/S61972.html

Head of UK Air Traffic Control confirms regular UFO activity

This was on the Today Programme, BBC Radio 4 in the UK, on August 17th 2012.
Richard Deakin is Head of National Air Traffic Services (NATS), the British agency responsible for national Air Traffic Control and national air safety.
He was being interviewed about general air safety practices – and then, before he goes, the interviewer Simon Jack asks a tangential question (apparently prompted by his children as a favour) about UFOs. Deakin confirms on air that Air Traffic Control routinely tracks objects that do not “conform to normal traffic patterns”, with a frequency of roughly “one a month”.
(Note: He was not talking about balloons, birds, insects or chinese lanterns: unsurprisingly, Air Traffic Control radar systems do not track these)

Hear the relevant segment of the interview here:


Complete interview taken from the Today audio page at:


Father William Gill, credible CO3K witness

CO3K = Close Encounter of the Third Kind, ie object witnessed at close range including occupants

In 1959, an Australian priest, Reverend William Gill, was working as a missionary for the Australian Anglican Church in Bolonai, Papua New Guinea. On the evening of June 26th, he and thirty-eight witnesses saw a UFO hovering above the mission. The disc-shaped craft stayed for hours, during which there was even some basic communication between the craft and the witnesses: when “figures” appeared on the top “deck” of the craft, Gill and others waved to them – and the figures waved back. When one of the boys tried making waving gestures with a torch, this too was reciprocated by the craft waving in tandem. After moving off hours later, the craft returned the next evening. Again, the craft stayed for a lengthy time, so much so that the Reverend decided to conduct the evening service as usual at 7:00 pm – despite the fact that a UFO was hovering overhead!

This incident was extensively investigated both on site and over a period of many years by the best and most rigorous researcher in the field, Dr. J. Allen Hynek, and others. He interviewed multiple witnesses, and reconstructed the conditions of the event in great detail. The conclusion was that this was a real event, and took place as described. The most effective debunking of the event has come from Philip Klass, whose best effort was to suggest that Reverend Gill was not wearing his corrective glasses (which in fact he was).

This stands as one of the most strange and reliably-reported events in UFO history.

Watch this short piece of interview with Reverend William Gill himself: